Google’s Game-Changer: The Launch of AI Photo Eraser for iPhone and Android

Before and After comparison of a beachfront scene with Photo Eraser edits. ‘Before’ shows a person on a skateboard with another figure in the background; ‘After’ shows the same scene with the figure removed.

Introduction to Google’s AI Photo Eraser

In the digital age, where visual content dominates interactions and storytelling, Google has introduced a revolutionary tool set to change the game: Google’s AI Photo Eraser, available on both iPhone and Android. This feature highlights the importance of photo editing, offering users a powerful way to enhance their digital photos seamlessly. As more people strive to perfect their images for social media, Google’s new tool provides an essential solution that’s both accessible and advanced [1].

The Launch of Google’s AI Photo Eraser

Desk calendar opened to May 2024 with the 15th circled in red, symbolizing the launch date of the Google AI Photo Eraser, with potted plants on either side.
Image generated with AI

Scheduled for release on May 15, 2024, Google’s AI Photo Eraser will expand its photo editing tools, previously exclusive to Pixel devices, to all users on both Android and iPhone platforms through the Google One subscription service. This rollout not only democratizes professional-level photo editing skills but also makes these tools widely accessible, ensuring that everyone can achieve high-quality imagery [1].

Features of Google’s AI Photo Eraser

Before and after portraits of a woman, showcasing the effectiveness of Photo Eraser in enhancing facial lighting and features.

Sophisticated Editing Tools

The AI Photo Eraser includes features like the Magic Eraser, HDR effects, and suggestions for adjusting landscapes and portraits. The Magic Eraser, in particular, is a standout, allowing users to remove unwanted objects from photos effortlessly. This tool smartly fills in the space left behind, making it look like the object was never there (Google, 2023).

Enhanced Capabilities for Portraits and Sceneries

Users can manipulate lighting in portraits with the Portrait Light feature, which can add a professional touch to personal photos by highlighting facial features correctly. The Sky Suggestions tool offers various enhancements for outdoor shots, ensuring that users can always have the perfect sky, no matter the weather (Google, 2023).

HDR and Video Enhancements

Beyond photos, the HDR effect has been extended to videos, allowing users to apply high dynamic range enhancements to their video content, making colors pop and details sharper. This feature is particularly beneficial for content creators looking to improve their visual output significantly (Google, 2023).

User Experience

Person Using a Smartphone
Photo by cottonbro studio

Initial user reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. Users appreciate the simplicity with which the AI Photo Eraser integrates into the existing Google Photos app. The interface is user-friendly, making advanced edits feasible with just a few taps. The efficiency of the tool enables quick fixes and sophisticated edits alike, catering to a broad audience from casual photographers to more serious hobbyists [1].

Impact on Mobile Photography

black Android smartphone capturing blue flower
Photo by Aaron Burden

Transforming Mobile Photography

Google’s AI Photo Eraser is poised to transform mobile photography by providing tools that were once only available to professionals with expensive software. Now, casual users and avid photographers alike can produce stunning, high-quality images from their phones [1].

Potential for Professional Use

With the advancement of these editing tools, even professional photographers find value in using Google Photos for on-the-go edits. The quality of edits, ease of use, and accessibility of professional-grade tools make it a valuable addition to any photographer’s toolkit [1].


Optimistic futuristic image of a person observing a vast display of AI-edited photos, including using a photo eraser, representing the bright future of digital photography.
Image generated with AI

Google’s AI Photo Eraser is setting a new standard for photo editing by making powerful tools accessible on mobile devices. This initiative not only enhances the overall user experience but also pushes the boundaries of what mobile apps can achieve with AI technology. As we look to the future, the potential for further innovations in photo editing seems boundless, with Google leading the way. The simplicity and effectiveness of Google’s AI Photo Eraser will undoubtedly make it a staple for anyone looking to improve their digital photos, promising a brighter, more vibrant visual future for all.

Whether you’re a casual snapper or a professional photographer, the expanded features from Google Photos, including the AI Photo Eraser, offer a range of functionalities to enhance, simplify, and transform your photographic work. This tool is not just a step forward in photo editing – it’s a leap towards the future of digital storytelling, available to all on May 15, 2024 [1].

1 Google. (2023). Google Photos Editing Features’ Availability. Retrieved from

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